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Insulated Sheet

Known for its good thermal insulation properties, aluminium foil is extremely useful in preventing unwanted heat gain or loss. This environment friendly material saves money by preventing unneeded heat loss. It is made of two layers of fire retardant air bubble film laminated with both side pure aluminium foil

The Roofing Industry

The need is to cut down the heat from the largest exposed surface area. Integrating Aluminum Insulation Foil into any conventional - single or multi layered roofing systems provides efficient and comfortable working environment across industries The benefit of integration by the roofing solutions-provider helps deliver a better wholesome solution for the end user.

It is made of one layer of fire retardant air bubble film laminated with pure aluminum foil on both side.

Aluminium Insulation Foil - Uses

  • Metal Roof
  • Asbestos Roof Sheet
  • Under Deck
  • Ducting
  • Concrete Roofs
  • Ceiling
  • Cold Room
  • Refrigerated Containers
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